The void exists in the illusive dunes of Afghanistan. These upper relics of

ghosts charged with the most ferocious diplopia. The mind of the American

soldier as if 8 months out on Mars, void of provincial guidance, his god

refusing to appear, each day and night a poisonous cinnabar smoke. Waking and

sleeping amidst the language of the asteroids. So when retaliation prevails

the summit of the human bodily field becomes no more than active

participation by dread. The office worker, the wary circus matron, listless

and uninspired by collapse. I think of deadly heat as a despicable neutron

thesis. Burn your hand, catch your arm in fire, it is the force of natural

destruction. But to provoke that destruction by a stunted and inclement

thinking is merely rife with plutonic value. Can we migrate to the asteroids?

Does Titan at present represent a habitable enclave? Of course all answers

occupy the zone of negation. To silence speech, to condemn the human species

to suicide- language will never allow this. And language as we know it is

this elliptical alchemical ether with moons flowing in its phonemes. 1939 a

relic in this regard. Pearl Harbor a horrific but accessible rigidity. I

understand. I suffer everyday from the active praxis of apartheid. As Baraka

once put it "...the sensitive collect and carry." A fallout from the

inaugural racism of the empire. Guatemala, squalid pockets of Asia, where

people feed on the absence of gruel. The genocide of Indians, Africa, robbed

and parched of its original aspiration. The World Trade Center, horrific. The

burning glass, the bodies falling through the air, secular burial grounds of

dread. But by adherence to attack America offers itself up to the powers of

the fumes of retaliatory ghosts. If all the orchards go astray and burn what

will rescue us from Andromeda? If the oceans turn a green Venusian liquid

what will survive? Statistics no longer thrive. Popular astrology is

misleading. Yet the 5 empty days on the calendar of the Maya persist in my

vision. Days when monsters appeared, when nights reversed and people hovered

in poisonous neutrality. Let's say it like this. Our bodies are invisible

documents, yet our language continues tracing those other stellar locales

where we invisibly glide to other galactic possibilities far beyond the

suicidal repartee which the American tenor so fitfully engages. In 20 billion

years a new sun will be forming, with green light, burning beyond human

debate. Only a vatic recitation can overcome rehearsals for destruction.


Will Alexander