one.five | a few days after September 11, 2001 your editor was scheduled to appear at a poetry festival in Colorado | with no planes flying many poets were unable to get here | rather than cancel the event, a decision was made to have an `open stage' for anyone to read or say whatever they wished | a lot of poems, including `latticed stubs' below were written on scraps of paper and read immediately | the following day we issued an open call for relevant poems to make up this impromptu fractional electro ur-vox

Will Alexander, untitled

Ivan Arguelles, WTC trilogy

Lee Ballentine, latticed stubs

Charles Borkhuis, sonnet for the twins

Adam Cornford, stelae

Scott MacLeod et al., Both Sides Can Only Speak Past One Another In A Field Of Such Misunderstanding

Kathryn Rantala, on your cell

Spencer Selby, 9-11-01 and go on weeping. . .

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