Professional Book Center has been a leading supplier of innovative book publishing services for twenty-five years, producing more than 500 titles for Academic Press, Addison-Wesley, Harcourt, Houghton Mifflin, John Wiley, McGraw-Hill, Oxford and Cambridge University Presses, Prentice-Hall, Springer Verlag, and many other publishers worldwide. Our clients also include state and federal government agencies, universities, corporations, and scientific and professional societies.

Our best-known books include Reinventing Darwin by Niles Eldridge, Self Efficacy by Albert Bandura, Semio-physics by Rene Thom, and The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy by Hirsch, Kett, and Trefil. Our projects have won Certificate of Merit and Best Limited Edition awards from Bookbuilders West, Golden Craftsman Award, the Certificate of the New England Book Show, and the Association of American Publishers' Outstanding Scholarly and Professional Title.

Professional Book Center handles all phases of a book's production work, including editing, design, composition, and manufacturing. At present we undertake only a few selected projects each year. For more information, or to discuss your book, please contact us.

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