A mostly annual journal of the limbic or underlying voice (the ur) embracing all phases of wurrealism early and late, experiments in broken and erotic grammars, works of ecstatic religion or unreligion, and heady documents of the machine age (the vox), its literary programme is rooted in our oldest phylogenetics, structured opportunistically from dreams, rant, automatism, and the found. Whole number emanations are print, fractional number special projects are electro.

zero | 2000 | the original prospectus | Richard Anders, Lee Ballentine, Amendes Brown, Andrew Joron, Brian Lucas, D. M. Ludwin, John Noto, George and Georgiana Spelvin
one | 2001 | Will Alexander, Richard Anders, Ivan Argüelles, Lee Ballentine, John M. Bennett, Charles Borkhuis, Garrett Caples, Steve Carll, Joe Donahue, Andrew Joron, Richard Kostelanetz, Philip Lamantia, Paola López, Jason Lynn, Brian Lucas, John Noto, Geoffrey O’Brien, John Olson, Kristin Prevallet, Elizabeth Robinson, Leonard Schwartz, Spencer Selby, Tod Thilleman, John Yau
one.five | responses to nine eleven
two | 2002 | Will Alexander, michael and, Lee Ballentine, Michael Basinski, John M. Bennett, Charles Borkhuis, Ronnie Burk, Garrett Caples, Ryan Christoff, Adam Cornford, Maria Damon, Chris Daniels, Mark DuCharme, Marcella Durand, Clayton Eshleman, Liviu Georgescu, Anselm Hollo, Dale Jensen, Andrew Joron, W.B. Keckler, Robert Kelly, Louise Landes Levi, Gherasim Luca, Brian Lucas, ChrisMcCreary, Edward Mycue, Joseph Noble, Geoffrey O’Brien, John Olson, Roberto Piva, Kristin Prevallet, Mark Scroggins, Spencer Selby, Julian Semilian, Brian Strang, Cole Swenson, Richard Tagett, Delia Tramontina, Luke Trent, Matt Turner
two.five | guy beining A Beckett Silhouette
three | 2003 | George Albon, David Baratier, Guy Beining, Jake Berry, Virginia Clemm, Alan Clinton, Peter Derous, Stephanie Dickinson, Ray DiPalma, Rikki Ducornet, Dan Featherston, Phillip Foss, Philip Fried, Grace Marie Grafton, James Grabill, Arielle Greenberg, David Hoefer, Roderick Iverson, Andrew Joron, George Kalamaras, W. B. Keckler, Hank Lazer, Susan Maurer, Pattie Mccarthy, Rusty Morrison, T. Motley, Edward Mycue, Simon Perchik, Patrick Pritchett, Dan Raphael, Frances Richard, Stephen Ronan, Julian Semilian, Allegro Shartz, Sotere Torregian, Luke Trent, Nanos Valaoritis, Ilarie Voronca

submission periods are announced in the print journal | email submissions do not suit the editor's capricious whim | fractional number projects by invitation only | apologies to guy beining for appalling delay with his installation | life got in the way

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